The Different Ways We Can Help Aboriginal Education!

Recently I created a blog about the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative, and the benefits of joining it to help Aboriginal Education.  I also provided information on it.  Now, you may be wondering, what other ways can I help in the fight to support Aboriginal Education.

One way you can spread the word is by telling all your closest friends and families about the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative.  You can also keep on the lookout for interesting stories on Aboriginal Education, and tweet or share them on Facebook.  If you want to be very proactive, you can create a blog on the issues of Aboriginal Education, and tweet about Aboriginal Education, using the hash tag #education or something more fitting.  These are very simple ways you can help in the fight for Aboriginal Education, and share your beliefs and discuss with others.

You can also learn more about other initiatives on Aboriginal Education that happened in the past or currently, by doing some research.  By educating yourself about successful initiatives, hopefully it gives you inspiration and hope.  Here a few examples:

Urban Aboriginal Education Project 

The Urban Aboriginal Education Project was created in 2008 by three pilot school boards.  The project was aimed at supporting success in school for Metis, First Nations and Inuit students through community engagement, student support and curriculum infused with Aboriginal perspectives.  This is an example of a Project that succeeded and helped benefit a lot of Aboriginal students.

SSBA First Nations and Métis Education Action Plan 2010-2012 

The Boards of Education are committed to narrowing the gap for students and helping First Nations and Metis students in all aspects of school.  The success of the Saskatchewan education system will show our success in strengthening First Nations and Metis education.  The Ministry of Education hopes to completely eliminate this educational gap by 2020.

Here are a couple more initiatives on Aboriginal Education.

Aboriginal Education is one of the most important issues today in Canada.  It is important that if you care about this issue, that you do not stand around and instead try to help in the fight for it.  There are many other ways you can help, and I have provided a few.  One way is educating yourself about past initiatives, and understanding why they succeeded.  Then you can join the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative.  Finally, spreading the word around through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.





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